hi you can call me emma (:

"There are days you may feel awful because you will never look like that person, think like that person, be like that person, but always keep in mind that that person will never be you. "

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failed step 1

appreciation post: lauren’s collarbones.

how do i block a post from showing up on my dash?

you can try this?

you're one of the best blogs on here for 5h!

awww!! nahhh others are so much better. but thank you (:

stay lovely 💖

trying (x 

do you have the link to the Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart fic? I can't find it

no i don’t, sorry :\

Can u please give me the link of the newest interview of the girls?

new interview? you mean the newest awesomenesstv episode? here.
you can also search 5hontour twitter for the latest news and videos if not just key in fifth harmony on youtube and search the latest videos (:

Is it normal to be crying in literally every chapter in cc7 omg I've never cried this much reading anything

omg HAHAH, it’s normal for well written stories (x

There's a new tat sequel omg its called if I lose myself

ahh okay thanks (:

What are the best sites for 5h fan fiction?

5hfanfiction is all i know haha. and some on wattpad but i havent really been there (:

Do you have the link to Undone? :)

yeah here but you can search it yourself at 5hfanfiction (:


Too bad only ally can drink BO$$